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More than 80% of businesses activities are controlled by contracts. Contracts play a vital role in the operation of any company. You may be a startup or an established company the chances are that you'll encounter a myriad of contracts like partnership agreements, non-disclosure agreements as well as general employment contracts. property and equipment contracts the list goes on. How efficiently are you handling these contracts? Do you rely heavily on documents or spreadsheets, as well as other outdated systems? Have you thought about moving to contracts management software? If yes, then this article is for you.

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Before you invest in a contract management program, ensure you've reviewed these seven questions to beware of the traps.

software solutions contract management tools

Does the software have AI capabilities?

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With the sheer amount of contracts, ensuring consistency management of contracts, and getting essential information to be accessed is many challenges. Many organizations don't have a standard method of organizing their contract databases. Take for instance, your organization has many procurement contracts , each with different renewal dates and renegotiation dates. A team of workers could be required to spend hours trying to track, review and analyze the data to ensure no opportunities are left unnoticed. Instead, if you go for an AI-powered solution for contract management, the task can be completed in only a few minutes. With Doc.AI capabilities, information such as names of contracts, renewal dates as well as negotiation terms can be extracted. This makes it easy for to review, approve and sign off.

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And that's not even the best part of it. Furthermore, advanced contract management systems with AI capabilities are able to help review the contract, assess clauses and classify contracts based on the type of clauses. AI-powered CMS are also a great aid to keeping up with changing laws. NLP analyzes every document and provides a list of threats and opportunities.

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Are there templates that are standard for contract or editing?

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Drafting contracts is one of the most challenging tasks. Consider how challenging it would be to draft documents that have similar clauses along with terms and conditions terminology, and exactly the same content numerous of times. That's why your CMS is required to have simple templates and clause libraries that cover several areas. Utilizing these templates which have been approved by your editorial and legal teams, it is possible to swiftly make contracts with no problems with the language. Plus, a provision to standardize and centralize contracts ensures that you have 360-degree view of the contracts , allowing you to follow them with customizable filters and collaborate with other colleagues to review and edit them and then store them.

What's the ROI-potential? What amount can my company reduce costs?

The savings numbers are biggest persuaders to help you make the right decision whether to purchase a contract managing program or not. A study by Goldman Sachs concluded that an automated system for managing contracts can reduce the time for negotiations by 50 percent. It can also reduce payment errors by 75 to 90% percent, lower the cost that managing contracts is 10 to 30 percent , and cut down the staff required to manage contracts by 10-20. Indeed, managing contracts certainly can be a cost-effective option, if chosen correctly.

Ideally, you should take into consideration factors such as the time spent on audits and tracking renewal dates, lower disputes in contracts or new opportunities and reduction of sales cycle.

Are the solutions customizable?

The majority of providers in industry claims to offer an answer that is customized to meet the needs of every organization. What if that isn't the case? Instead of spending lots of money on customization, detail down the process flow, key processes changes that must be made, examine options with more precise questions.

For example: In a typical contract management workflow in which the writer creates the documents the system routes the document to the person who approves. This is not the only element, an additional feature can be a notification via email which includes the document's URL sent to the approver. The link should work or function on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

But highly customizable software can also make the software difficult and difficult to operate, and its simplicity may be insufficient. It's therefore a smart idea to evaluate how the software works and the capabilities of the team that will utilize the software and then choose the most appropriate customization.

What are some of the particular features or features that can help reduce manual tasks?

As part of a contract administration system, agreements are kept in a centralized, secure and searchable storage facility with user-based access. This allows the best compliance and large-scale reporting. For instance, contracts can be easily traced, and the review and signing is automated by e-signatures. Another example would be Analytics and metrics. To discover information about how long it took for negotiations, contract participants can easily look at gaps, analyze the number of times it was necessary to iterate and produce comprehensive reports. This is also helpful in extending clause libraries, gain insight into the historical performance and improving the length of the contract cycle.

A different important thing to look upon is contract redlining or editing. Redlining highlights the text to indicate additions, modifications deleted, approvals and rejections. This feature can be helpful particularly when more than two people are working on the identical document in a collaborative manner. It can be used to provide greater flexibility while reviewing and negotiating contracts.

What is the process to use and deploy?

A contract management program with an intuitive interface and simple to use features will enjoy the admiration of your customers. To achieve maximum benefit, during the time of deployment, try to connect it to existing systems which reduces the time required to switch between different platforms. In this case, integrating CRM into the new contract software could enable sales people to feed customer information, create contracts and have them routed for approvals, in addition to keeping track of renewals, expirations, and other dates.

Next would be to check for the onboarding process. It is ideal if it's an existing solution, meaning that you can take off and get operational in a few weeks' time. Remember that lengthy deployment cycles can not viable any longer.

7. How will your private information be secure?

The last but not least Data security is of vital importance. Contracts contain extremely confidential and sensitive data that must be kept secure from unauthorized access to earn the confidence of your family including partners, vendors or clients. Plus, the increasing threat of cyberattacks and cyber threats can expose businesses to the possibility of legal branding, financial and legal liabilities. If you're about to keep the trust of your most important business relationships Make sure the provider hasn't been hit by any serious data violations.

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